5 Tips For Protecting Your Hearing Aids This Summer

Hearing Aids

It’s officially summer and it’s HOT! One sure way to get cool is to spend some time in the water, but that can often present challenges for hearing aid wearers. Learning the basics of protecting your hearing aids from moisture is key to having fun this summer AND protecting your investment.

Protecting Your Hearing Aids Is Simple With These 5 Tips

We all know that new hearing aids aren’t exactly cheap. So, rather than being careless and ruining the ones you already have, here’s how you can make protecting your hearing aids easy:

1. Keep them in a safe, dry place. Being at the pool means you’re almost certain to get wet. And, hearing aids don’t function properly when moisture gets inside their intricate parts. Before you go for a swim, or even if you’re lounging at the pool side, put them in a waterproof case and store them where they won’t accidentally fall in the water. 

2. Use a hearing aid dehumidifier. If you love water sports or often find yourself around water, purchasing a hearing aid dehumidifier can be a smart investment. Whether you forget to take your hearing aids out before diving in the pool, or they simply get wet from your grandchildren splashing around, this device can safely get rid of the moisture. 

3. Use protective accessories. Spandex nylon sleeves make protecting your hearing aids easy by wrapping around the devices and keeping water out. They can also protect against sweat, condensation, and dirt. 

4. Purchase hearing aid insurance. Even if you are diligent about protecting your hearing aids, accidents can and will happen. When you insure your hearing aids, you’ll gain peace of mind and help eliminate expensive surprises that come if you accidentally damage or lose them.

5. Get water-resistant hearing devices. If you’re looking for new hearing aids and you’re often in or around water, purchasing water-resistant aids may be a wise decision. While they won’t prevent allchance of water damage, they can offer greater protection from moisture.

Protect Your Hearing and Your Devices All Year Long

The successful treatment of hearing loss often involves the use of hearing aids. If your audiologist has recommended them for YOU, protecting your hearing aids will help them last longer and work better. That includes protecting them from moisture and debris in the summer AND all year long.

Whether you want recommendations for the best hearing aids, need your current devices adjusted, or have questions about hearing aid care and maintenance, the team at Advanced Hearing Group is here for YOU. 

Simply contact us today to schedule an appointment and we’ll be happy to help you hear well so you can live well!

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