6 Practical Tips For Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance

Hearing Aid MaintenanceWhen you made the choice to purchase a hearing aid, you made an investment in yourself and your ability to interact with the world around you. With proper care and maintenance, your hearing aid should provide you with many years of hearing well. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your investment. You will want to keep it functioning properly for as long as possible.

Maintaining Your Hearing Aids

  1. Keep it clean – Be sure that your hearing aids are only handled with clean hands. Keep it away from hair spray and cosmetics as well. It is comprised of tiny parts that can easily become clogged with dirt or other particles, causing it to malfunction.
  2. Keep it dry – A hearing aid is an electronic device, so remember to remove it before bathing or swimming. It’s important to protect it from moisture in other areas as well such as the bathroom; the bathroom humidity in the air can damage its sensitive internal parts.
  3. Keep it out of reach – While you want to have your hearing aid handy so you don’t lose it or forget to wear it, keeping it out of the reach of small children and animals will prevent it from getting eaten, mishandled, or treated as a toy.
  4. Keep it safe – When not in use, remove the batteries and carry your hearing aid in its designated case. This will protect it from damage, help prevent loss, and keep it clean.
  5. Don’t be Mr. or Mrs. Fix It – Your hearing aid is a delicate device that requires special maintenance. Although you may be tempted to troubleshoot and repair it yourself, it’s important to leave that up to a professional who is specifically trained in hearing aid repair and maintenance.
  6. Periodic inspection – You can maintain your hearing aid on a daily basis by cleaning it with a soft, dry cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, however, it’s helpful to periodically bring it to your hearing care professional, who can also inspect it to insure everything is working properly.

Follow Up With Your Audiologist

With some tender loving care and expert advice, your hearing aid should last for many years. Follow the tips above to keep it performing at its best, and be sure to also schedule regular visits with your audiologist for hearing testing and monitoring. Together, we can help you hear better longer!

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