Workers Beware – Hearing Loss a Major Issue


hearing-loss-in-workplaceMany workers aren’t even aware of the most common workplace injury; they protect themselves from all sorts of various injuries, without ever realizing that their hearing is in danger too. When we speak with our clients, many of them admit that they wish they had protected their hearing at work over the years. Some precautions may have been taken, but with statistics stating that hearing loss is the most common workplace injury in America, people are not doing enough. A recent article from PBS News explores the story and journey of one American worker who is dealing with the effects of hearing loss due to noise in the workplace.  We hope that this information serves to inform people, and to motivate you all to start protecting your hearing now, before the damage has been done.

From factories to construction sites and on to farmers, American workers are dealing with more hearing loss from noise at work than anyone imagined. One construction worker featured in the PBS news article had to stop working in 2011, when the pain became unbearable. He also hears ringing in his ears and experiences dizziness, both side effects of the auditory damage he incurred from spending his life working around jackhammers, saws and air compressors. Because he never used proper hearing protection, the noise damaged his hearing over time, just as it does to millions of other Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is the most common work-related injury with approximately 22 million workers exposed annually to hazardous levels of occupational noise. Those most at risk are in the mining industry, following by construction and manufacturing.

Americans are having to deal with hearing loss more and more, and it is a costly issue. An estimated $242 million is spent on worker’s compensation annually for hearing loss disability, according to the Department of Labor. It isn’t just about the financial cost either, but also about your well-being and the deficits in your quality of life. If you work in the labor industry and are constantly exposed to loud noise, consider protecting your hearing with our custom fit ear molds or ear plugs. They are not only comfortable, but exceptionally effective at helping to prevent hearing loss down the road.

If you already suspect that your hearing has been damaged from past exposure to noise, our audiologists can help you find the right hearing aids for your lifestyle and hearing needs. Whether for prevention, protection or a hearing device, we want to help. Give us a call today! To read the entire PBS article, click here.

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