Will hearing loss affect your relationships too?

Hear-wellOften, we think that hearing loss only affects us physically and our ability to hear the things around us. But as anyone with hearing loss will tell you, it has affected the emotional aspects of their life and their relationships as well. Hearing loss is anything but a minor problem – caused by environmental factors, genetics, aging and many other factors; it affects us in ways we never thought possible until we deal with it in our own lives. Has hearing loss affected your life and your personal relationships?

According to a recent article from Dan Roblee of The Daily Mining Gazette, losing your hearing has some people losing their relationships. One audiologist, Melissa Collard, saves relationships all of the time when she helps her patients. They thank her often for saving relationships of all kinds – even marriage since hearing loss can have an impact on communication. Likewise, she explains how hearing loss can impact one’s job or add extra stress to those who are trying to hide it.

Who can have relationships affected by hearing loss? When hearing problems of children go untreated, their lives, relationships with peers and entire education can get off track.  They are held back, shy or depressed because something is wrong. It can also impact their speech and development. Obviously adults can also see pressure placed on their jobs and relationships, romantic or not.

How can hearing aids  help? Our audiologists are prepared to show you all of the benefits that modern hearing aids can provide. You will be pleased when you try a hearing aid as they don’t just amplify sound, but are designed and programmed for individualized hearing needs and specific hearing conditions. They can also meet various ranges of hearing loss. Sure, it isn’t something you want to admit to, but are you willing to let a relationship suffer from untreated hearing loss? We hope not.

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