The Stigma of Hearing Aids

The stigma of hearing aids is something that our clients have been dealing with over the years. Many of our clients have waited a long time to make the decision to come speak with one of our experienced audiologists because of the stigma that people have towards them. It certainly doesn’t make using a hearing aid an easy choice. Hearing loss is a fact of aging for millions of Americans, but with hearing loss comes some tough feelings towards others and oneself. For many of those Americans, hearing loss is often associated with aging.

A recent article from San Jose Mercury News touched upon this topic of hearing aids and their stigma. You may even know someone in your life who is embarrassed or in denial about wearing hearing aids. People interviewed in the article were of all ages, but had one thing in common; they had all kinds of excuses for not getting hearing aids right away. One woman was diagnosed with mild hearing loss two years ago and “mild” was something she thought she could live with. As it progressed, she still found herself embarrassed for herself and her family, particularly her teenage daughter at the time. She felt that hearing aids were always associated with old age.

Then, of course, there is the time, energy or money into getting fitted for hearing aids. Like many health plans, this women’s did not cover the cost which can be anywhere from $300 to more than $3,000 each. For others, it’s the time – to find a hearing aid that works properly and is adjusted to your hearing and lifestyle, you may have to visit an audiologists a few times.

The hearing aids we offer are not what they used to be. Smaller, more comfortable and more effective, they can actually end up being a great decision, bringing more meaning to your life than you imagined. Contact our audiologists today and learn how we can help you detach the stigma of aging with our hearing aids. You’ll be glad you did.

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