The Right Hearing Aid Needs the Right Audiologist

Choosing the right hearing aid starts with choosing the right audiologist. Would you want to buy your hearing aid from the same place where you can buy your milk and bread? Big warehouses often offer a selection of basic hearing aids, but when it comes to your hearing and everything else involved, you deserve more. Something as important and personal as your hearing health can’t be bought in a warehouse. It deserves one-on-one care, expertise, experienced and educated professionals, and superior communication with your audiologist.

Only about 25% of people who could benefit from hearing aids actually wear them. The majority of hearing aid users who eventually asked for help did so because they were tired of asking others to repeat themselves, or they found themselves avoiding noisy restaurants, having trouble in conversation, or continually turning up the volume on the television. You could purchase the most expensive hearing aid in the world but without the benefit of continued service and monitoring, it doesn’t amount to much. Find an audiologist who is prepared to take the time – and who has the knowledge – to properly adjust your hearing aid to your own unique needs. All modern digital hearing aids have a vast array of settings and can be programmed to sound completely different for each person.

The first step in dealing with your hearing loss or possible hearing impairment is taking our online hearing loss assessment. Then, after making an appointment with one of our qualified audiologists, have the conversation about what you expect out of your hearing aids and how it should suit your lifestyle. Finding the right audiologist is also important if you are looking on behalf of your parents or a close friend or relative. Making sure you have found the right audiologist for their needs is an important part of helping them maintain good hearing health. You deserve someone on your side and a caring and knowledgeable audiologist is the one who can help. Make the best decision by choosing our facility to meet all of your hearing needs and begin the relationship you deserve with one of our audiologists today – we’re glad to have you. Honestly, finding the right audiologist is just as important as finding the right hearing aid.

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