School Performance Depends on Hearing Health

Hearing loss in childrenChilds hearing lossEvery parent wants their child to be successful in school, but could your child’s hearing be affecting their performance? If you suspect your child is suffering from hearing loss or other hearing issues, it is important to speak with their physician or allow us to test your child’s hearing. In the first few years of life alone, hearing is a critical part of your child’s social, emotional and cognitive development. Even mild or partial hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to develop speech and language properly. Not being able to hear well can have a negative impact on your child’s school performance or their feelings towards school and getting their hearing evaluated this summer could be one very important decision.

There are many reasons as to why hearing loss may occur in your child. Some children are born with hearing impairments, while other reasons may include but are not limited to medications, ear infections, genetics, or even excessive and repeated exposure to loud noises. While newborn hearing screenings usually help identify hearing loss in infants, a school age child may also need their hearing tested. If you noticed that this summer your child needs things repeated, listens to the television at a loud level, seems withdrawn or depressed, has been falling behind in school, and so on, it may be time for a hearing assessment by one of our audiologists.

Early detection is important in managing any disease or disorder, and that includes hearing loss. For a child, hearing and speech are an essential part of their academic success and social journey. Children learn to communicate with the rest of the world by mocking the sounds they hear. If they cannot hear the sounds, a major piece of learning and development is missing. Delayed speech, social problems and academic difficulties could be avoided by having your child’s hearing tested this summer before they head back to school. Our audiologists are ready to treat your child with a variety of hearing loss tools and give your child their best chance of success this coming school year.


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