Reflections on Family and the Joys of Life

As we begin the holiday season, we cannot help but reflect on the joys of life. We share our favorite memories around the dinner table, we listen for the children laughing in the other room, and we sing (or at least hum) our favorite Christmas carols as we open presents on Christmas morning. Many  aging Americans find pride in the families we are surrounded by during the holidays. But, most people over the age of 65 are also experiencing some sort of hearing loss which can be frustrating during times of joy. According to one physician, “there is a direct link between age and hearing loss: about 18% of American adults between the ages of 45 and 54, 30% of adults between ages 65 and 74, and 47% of adults ages 75 and older have hearing impairments.” Enjoying the family you created should be a joyous occasion, not saddened by the inconveniences of hearing loss.

Hearing may not seem like an important sense like seeing and tasting until it starts to suffer. Because we live in such a visual, modern world, we do not value our hearing until we are unable to enjoy the little things in life which are related to what we hear each day, or each holiday. Many people with hearing loss are unsure of their options available when they find themselves in the face of hearing loss. With the use of hearing aids, we can offer improvements on life’s precious attributes such as continuing a career, communication in relationships, conversations amongst family, sense of control over life events, physical health, mental health, social participation, and enjoying the little things in life like a baby’s giggle or a child’s laugh.

This holiday season, don’t find yourself feeling frustrated during a holiday gathering where the noise keeps you from enjoying yourself. If you find yourself asking those around you to speak louder, or to repeat themselves a few times, it may be time to contact us and determine your next step. We will discuss the best options to improve the quality of life and give you meaning back to the little things in life. Whether you have mild, moderate, or significant hearing loss, we have hearing aids and other hearing options to help you feel better about your sense of hearing. Every member of our professional team is highly trained and extremely focused on your individual hearing and balance needs. Let us bring the joy back into your holiday cheer! You built this family on strength and happiness. Don’t give up because of hearing loss.

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