Not Your Grandpa’s Hearing Aid!

hearing aid typesHearing aids have been around for quite some time now; unfortunately, so many individuals still associate them with the unsightly, buzzing, whistling aids worn by grandpa back in the day. That is part of the reason why 4 out of 5 sufferers of hearing loss still don’t wear a hearing aid – we need to change this mindset! The hearing aids of today have evolved into technological wonders that are typically small, discreet and comfortable with amazing clarity and minimal interference.

Considering the constant assault our ears go through on a daily basis, more and more Americans are needing hearing aids sooner than ever before. Fortunately, there are some great options out on the market to choose from that have the ability to meet nearly every preference and hearing loss need. From the conventional analog hearing aid to the new-generation digital hearing aid, there is definitely one available to fit every need and budget.

Today’s hearing aids have the option of being worn in the ear (ITE), behind the ear (BTE) or in the canal (ITC) depending on the type and severity of hearing loss experienced as well as personal preference. The BTE hearing aids have the added benefit of being able to link up to Bluetooth cell phone technology. The Bluetooth can hook up to hearing aid so phone calls are transmitted directly into the ear canal, cutting out any background noise.

There are also three different types of circuitry available in today’s modern hearing aids:

  • Conventional – These are the most budget friendly hearing aids and are a traditional analog hearing aid. They are still programmable and can allow the wearer to adjust between programs such as “noisy environment” and “all-the-time”
  • Digital / Programmable – These hearing aids offer computer programmable technology allowing audiologists to more precisely adjust the aids to fit the patient’s hearing loss and response time. These sophisticated hearing aids house a battery, microphone, receiver and a computer chip.
  • New Generation Digital – These are the cream of the crop hearing aids and offer the most precise sound quality and clarity. They have 16 adjustable bands for treble, mid-level and bass sounds which allows them to accurately match a patient’s hearing loss at each pitch level. Their directional microphones are the most effective at allowing wearers to hear and understand conversations in noisy environments.

We can certainly sympathize with the older population and their frustration in dealing with first generation hearing aids. We are just thankful that today’s technology allows for hearing loss suffers to enjoy a comfortable, discreet and totally customizable hearing aid experience. We encourage everyone who even thinks they might have a slight hearing problem to visit an audiologist and have their hearing tested. Beginning treatment as soon as hearing loss occurs can save patients a lifetime of complications and will ensure that they never go another day without being able to hear the world around them.

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