Hunters Are At Risk For Hearing Loss

hearing loss huntingHunters all over the United States are gearing up for this year’s hunting season. Their bright orange gear, survival kits, calls and bullets are all being packed in anticipation of opening day. But there is one thing missing from many hunter’s packs – hearing protection. While most hunters know the importance of wearing ear protection when they are sighting in their guns, many don’t even think about putting in ear plugs when they are out in the woods. The main reason for this is because they rely heavily on their ability to hear what’s going on around them, and they don’t want to take a chance that they might miss something.

What many hunters don’t realize is that a single gunshot can top the chart at 150dB (decibels), which is more than enough to rupture the eardrum or damage the delicate bones in the middle ear. Sudden exposure to decibels in this range has the ability to cause immediate and permanent hearing loss. Oftentimes, when individuals are exposed to loud noises, such as a gunshot, there may be a temporary loss of hearing or tinnitus that will disappear within a couple days. However, even though the hearing loss may be temporary, there is still the possibility of residual long-term damage to your hearing.

Fortunately, there is a solution for hunters, law enforcement officers and recreational shooters, to alleviate the risk of hearing loss from gunshots – digital hearing protection. Digital hearing protection offers the unique ability to permit lower decibel noise levels, such as the launch of a trap or the flush of a bird, while still providing superior protection for your ears from sounds that exceed 90dB. Wearers are able to carry on a conversation just like normal, hear the rustle of the leaves around them and listen to the hundreds of other sounds in the woods, all while protecting their delicate hearing when they need to shoot their firearm.

Products such as the ESP America Digital Ear Protection, are able to be customized to ensure the most comfortable fit in the ears. They are lightweight, but incredibly durable and easy to put in and wear. In fact, they are so comfortable that many individuals forget that they are even wearing them! They are one of the most effective and innovative digital earplugs on the market today and perfect for hunters, recreational shooters and law enforcement officers alike. For more information on digital ear plugs or other hearing protection devices, you can visit our website.

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