Hearing Loss Doesn’t Discriminate

teen with hearing lossMost people associate hearing loss with old age. Yes, this is certainly true, however, hearing loss doesn’t discriminate by age. There are many teens out there who suffer with varying degrees of hearing impairment, or who are completely deaf altogether, and yet we seem to always focus on our older population. Not this time! Teens – this one is for you.

As if being a teenager these days isn’t hard enough, now we are going to add in the inability to hear! Having a hearing impairment doesn’t have to have a negative effect on your life though. Learning how to manage it, can actually have a positive effect on your life, your relationships, your education and your overall well-being. There is no magic answer for coping with deafness, however we do have some tips that can help you cope better with your condition.

Coping with Hearing Loss as a Teen

  • Let’s be honest, you’re going to face judgmental people from time to time and feel isolated, but don’t give up hope! By being upfront about your hearing loss, and educating those around you about the condition will help to lessen the stigma. You will find that people will judge less and sympathize more when they have a better understanding.
  • Consider the newest and most advanced hearing technologies as you age. They can help make life easier, safer and more normal!
  • Focus on your independence – it’ll come in handy in the future. Book appointments with your audiologists, do things at school and continue to communicate with the world around you. Just don’t forget your hearing aids!
  • Stand up to discrimination and be an activist.
  • Your social life is important, and it IS possible to have one. Be the average teen and go to the movies, hang out with friends, go to dinner and meet new people!
  • Know that you’re not alone – even when it feels like it.
  • Take advantage of the perks – you may be able to enjoy discounted travel or entries which can make life a little easier and more enjoyable.
  • Fight for businesses and the places around you to be more accessible. Not everything has to be done via email when you’re deaf.
  • Concentration fatigue is common, so make sure to give yourself breaks.
  • Remember – You CAN achieve the same things in life as a person with hearing!

We know that experiencing any degree of hearing loss or living as a deaf person can be difficult. That is why we are here to support and guide you! We can provide the proper services and technologies, and point you in the direction of support groups. There are many associations and groups out there who will help you find that coping as a deaf teen doesn’t have to be impossible, depressing or difficult – it’s just a unique circumstance!

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