Ear Molds Help Protect Little Swimmers

Do you have kids that love to swim and be active? That’s a good thing if you do. But when our children are swimming or attending loud sporting events, we should be paying a little extra attention to protecting their ears and their hearing. Loud crowds and cheers along with water getting into their ears can cause hearing issues down the road. In some extreme cases, it could only take one very loud sporting event to have a serious impact on their hearing. When our children are at the beach or a swimming pool, we make sure they are healthy and safe by watching them closely, making sure they have proper flotation devices, and sunscreen. All are proper protection. But how can you protect your children’s ears from infections or hearing loss?

Just like you’d have your child wear sunscreen to protect the skin while at the ball game, a cap to block their eyes from glare, mittens to keep their hands warm, or a winter hat to trap in body heat, ear molds are a great way to make sure your children’s ears are protected. April is National Youth Sports Safety Month and is the perfect time to start the summer season off right – by protecting their hearing. Water trapped in your ears can have a painful aftermath – a skin infection known as an outer ear infection. Because it’s common in swimmers, it’s also known as “swimmer’s ear”. Outer ear infections in contrast are not linked to colds and occur in the ear canal which is the tube running from your ear drum to the outside of your ear, according to one physician in an article from ABC.

Recreational uses of custom fit ear molds include swimming protection to help prevent water from entering the ear or from too loud of noises at other sporting events. Custom fit tend to work a little better because of our use of a two-part silicone injected into the ear canal and takes approximately three to five minutes. This is to be performed only by a hearing doctor. Our custom ear molds also tend to be more comfortable than regular ear plugs because they come in all shapes and sizes much like when choosing the proper hearing aid. We offer a selection of products which will fit any person no matter their age, and we will work to determine which product is best for you or your child. Summer is all about having fun and enjoying the days with those around you. No child should have to spend the summer in pain, dealing with the effects of getting water in their ear, or with hearing loss from too many cheers at a sporting event. This summer, go out, have fun, and protect your child’s ears with a custom fit ear molds.

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