Ear Candling – A Safe Earwax Removal Technique, or Not?

Safe Earwax RemovalToday’s society is built around independence, with a strong push towards Do-It-Yourself projects. When it comes to health issues, however, using DIY techniques such as ear candling, can often prove to be ineffective and sometimes even cause additional problems.

What is ear candling?

Ear candling is very much like it sounds – it involves inserting a lit hollow candle into the ear and letting it burn for approximately 15 minutes. The hope is that as the candle burns, it will create a suction force to remove wax and other debris from the ear out through the hollow candle. Ear candling proponents also claim that the heat from the burning candle softens the built up earwax, allowing it and other debris to naturally fall out of the ear in the days following the procedure.

Is ear candling effective?

The short answer is no. Research has shown that there is actually NO suction created during the candling procedure. Furthermore, the debris found inside the burned candles after the procedure is over, has also been shown to be present even when the candles were burned outside of the ear. Therefore, whatever debris is inside the candles must be coming from the candles themselves, not cleaning out the ear.

Is ear candling safe?

The process of ear candling comes with several inherent dangers. First, holding an open flame next to the face opens up the possibility for burns, either from the flame itself or from wax melting off the candle. Secondly, inserting candles into the ear increases the chance of damage to the fragile parts of the ear, such as the eardrum.

Safe earwax removal tips

So, what’s the verdict? Earwax buildup IS a real problem that affects many people, but ear candling is NOT the safest earwax removal technique. Instead, follow these simple tips and protect your ears:

  • Try over-the-counter wax softening drops in the affected ear(s)
  • Use a bulb-type syringe to flush the ears with warm water
  • The safest method: leave it to the experts and visit your audiologist

When it comes to your ears and your hearing, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re concerned about earwax buildup, give us a call to schedule professional earwax removal – we can often accommodate same day appointments! With our expertise and specialized tools, we promise safe and effective earwax removal that will have you feeling better in no time.

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