Celebrating the National Better Hearing & Speech Month

Each May, there is a great opportunity to raise awareness in the public’s eye about communication disorders, hearing loss and treatment to improve quality of life. This year, the campaign discusses “Identify the Signs” and increases the public outreach so that this celebration lasts all year long. Hearing loss affects millions of Americans but only a small portion of those people take advantage of hearing aids, treatment or even know the signs of hearing loss.

Hearing health is important and everyone should do something about hearing loss signs. Not only should employers understand and promote the value of employee hearing and wellbeing, but educate their employees about how hearing loss can affect jobs and quality of life. The signs of hearing loss can include anything from turning the volume on the television up loud to isolating yourself to avoid conversations that are hard to hear. When a person suffers from the signs of hearing loss, it affects physical and emotional health at home too, not just in the workplace. Hearing health does play a role in your daily life.

How is hearing loss treated? Our audiologists are experts when it comes to amplification or the technology that hearing aids bring. According to research studies conducted by the National Council on the Aging NCOA, hearing aids are highly effective in treating the most common types of hearing loss and an individual’s overall quality of life is improved with the use of hearing aids. Let us help you improve your family bonds, relationships with friends, improve mental health, increase self-esteem, improve independence and security and improve overall quality of life. Contact us today to see how our experienced audiologists can give you back your hearing health and discuss all of the signs of hearing loss you may be experiencing.


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