Bluetooth Hearing Aids – Yesterday’s Future Hearing Technology is Here!

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

If you’ve been wearing hearing aids for any length of time, you know how much they can improve your ability to hear the world around you. But, you’ve likely also experienced some times when hearing still wasn’t very easy.

For example, having a phone conversation with a loved one – it can be tricky lining your phone’s speaker up with your hearing aid’s microphone so you can hear properly. Or, try answering a phone call in the car or in a crowded room. The background noise picked up by your hearing aids could interfere with your ability to hear the conversation. Fortunately, there is a solution … Bluetooth hearing aids!

What are Bluetooth hearing aids?

You’re probably already familiar with the use of Bluetooth technology when it comes to other electronic devices. It’s what enables you to use your smartphone hands-free while driving. It can also be used to send directions from your phone to your vehicle’s speakers. Or, maybe you’ve used Bluetooth to send music from your iPod to wireless ear buds while you exercise. In any case, Bluetooth technology enables electronic devices to “talk” to each other without the need for a wired connection.

Bluetooth hearing aids use the same technology to connect your devices with your hearing aids. Depending on the hearing aid brand, the connection can be direct or through a third device known as a streamer. With direct connection, sound is streamed directly from the device (phone, TV, etc.) to the hearing aids. Alternatively, a streamer accessory device can be used to convert a Bluetooth signal from a device into FM signals that can be received by hearing aids. In either case, background noise is reduced and sound reaches your ears with amazing clarity.

Benefits of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids

Other than being able to say that you’re keeping up with modern hearing technology, why would you choose a Bluetooth hearing aid versus a traditional one? Here are some of the most common benefits touted by hearing aid wearers:

  1. Improved TV watching experience – Often, individuals who wear hearing aids find it easier to listen to TV programs through headphones. These can be cumbersome and inconvenient to wear. Instead, Bluetooth hearing aids stream audio directly to your ears, eliminating the need for clumsy headphones. Additionally, you can adjust the volume right from your smartphone hearing aid app. That means no more arguing with your family members about what the volume should be!
  2. Clearer phone conversations – Hearing aid wearers often experience frustration with phone calls. In order to hear clearly, they have to line up the phone’s speaker with their hearing aid’s microphone. Even if they’re successful with that, there can be an annoying whistling sound that interferes with hearing well. Bluetooth hearing aids eliminate this issue and can make phone calls easy and fun again!
  3. Better music listening – Bluetooth technology enables direct streaming of music from your device to your hearing aids. This eliminates the need for headphones or taking out your hearing devices to wear ear buds.

Get professional help for the best hearing aid option

If you think you could benefit from Bluetooth hearing aids, you’re probably right! Schedule an appointment with your audiologist to determine the best hearing device for your needs and lifestyle. At Advanced Hearing Group, we offer several brands that provide fully customizable hearing aid options including Phonak, Starkey, Re-Sound, and Oticon.

It’s time to get connected to the world around you and experience incredible hearing! 

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