Be a Man – Protect Your Hearing

Men tend to put their health a little lower on their list of priorities than women do. Men’s Health Week is June 10-16 and is meant to promote health and wellness in men and create awareness that their health and their lifestyle are important. Their well-being depends on a number of physical and emotional aspects – seeing clearly, feeling good, and hearing well. Life with hearing loss that could be improved is not considered living well, and too many Americans know this to be true. Men between the ages of 20-69 are found to be more likely to suffer from hearing loss, mostly due to their workplace noise exposure and their hobbies which can also be noisy. Knowing what to do and how to protect their hearing might just be the best thing you can do to keep the men in your life happy and healthy. Not sure if they are suffering from hearing loss? Try our online hearing test to find their starting point.

According to experts, men suffer from hearing loss for a number of reasons. More than 28 million Americans have some type of hearing impairment and approximately 60 percent of them are men. First, workplace hearing loss, also known as occupational hearing loss, is one of the most commonly reported workplace health issues there are. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health estimates that 22 million U.S. workers are exposed to potentially dangerous levels of noise in the workplace each year. According to one consumer website, Hearing loss is the most commonly recorded occupational illness in manufacturing. Construction, carpentry, and mining are also workplaces where workers have repeated exposure to loud noise. Airport staff also comes into contact with noise exposure, although they wear ear protection.

Workplace noise is not the only culprit in men’s deteriorating hearing health. Their hobbies such as motorcycles, shooting, or rock music also can harm their ears. Our ear molds  can serve as the perfect hearing protection during hobbies with noise exposure.  Studies indicate that men are twice as likely to develop hearing loss as women, especially those between the ages of 20-69, but age-related hearing loss affects both men and women alike. At age 65, one out of three people has a hearing loss. Our audiologists  can help anyone suffering from hearing loss through our numerous effective options. From hearing aids  to hearing protection, each client will get personalized service to ensure that their hearing needs are met and their concerns are addressed. Men may not be the only people who suffer from hearing loss, but they may need a little more encouragement to come visit us. What better time than now – during Men’s Health Week! Protect or improve hearing before it is too late.

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